And we keep driving into the night

From now on this Journal is

Everybody who's on my friendslist will stay there.
Everyone who wants to be added - leave a comment and I'll think about it.

Furthermore I'm very sorry for not commenting most of your posts due to a terrible lack of time. I'm trying my best to keep up with everything tho, so I hope no one's angry or dissapointed.
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Life is a waterfall...

I feel like I'm missing something terribly and I don't know what exactly. I always try to distract myself so that I don't have the chance to think about it but the hole is somehow getting bigger. All the work and going out doesn't seem to help anymore. Why can't I feel complete for once?
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know that I am all alone...

Isn't it nice to be able to get back home for the short time of 14days? And isn't it nice to fall ill right on the first day after your arrival? I hate the flu. The fever is gone now, I think but still everything hurts like hell, my cough's getting worse and so is my cold...mum keeps telling me that I look awful and even suspects me of having or getting a pneumonia. Höhöhö. Would be a nice Christmas present. Bah, I feel kinda drained. Didn't sleep the last days -_- I always wake up at 3-4a.m. and then I can't really get back to sleep. I just doze off for a couple of minutes but that's it.

Well ok, can't really concentrate on anything, so I'll better stop now.
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Dedicated to how I'm killing you...

Home again for Christmas. Will be back on December the 30th.
NYE + Clüdy + Helsinki -> awesome <3
66days in a row -> Leo ...miss you =(
Christina + Leo -> have fun and keep me up to date :D

end of story.
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Your kids are the reason why I'm pro choice

It's finally getting colder...and rainier...and windier -_-
Well I wanted to come here so now I've to cope with the weather. It's not like I didn't know that Finland isn't one of the warmest countries on earth.

35 days. 5 weeks exactly. LeoLeoLeoLeoLeo xD
Today we want to go shopping...some really necessary stuff for Ruka LOL I'm sure we'll take pictures, so you'll know what we bought once we get back (on November the 28th I think). Don't want to spoil anything yet =P

After that we'll probably go to the Praha again. We're there like everyday which is actually a little sad already xD We have no life...and no other place to go where they'd let us in xDDD Furthermore we have the privilege that everytime someone looks like he's ABOUT to disturb us the doorkeeper is right at our table and sends him away or even kicks him out höhöhöhö. Sunday was the last time he did that. And when we left the bar he asked ("It talks to us pt. 745615") whether the other 2 guys who took the seats next to us bothered us as well *loool* AND we wouldn't be able to see "Mi Lady" and the "Vogel" if we went somewhere else. Can't miss that =P

Not long anymore and it's time for RUKA. PLUS I've 2-3 days OFF after 3,5 months of work. Oh joy :D And after that it won't be long before I'll fly back to Germany for Christmas. I'm kinda looking forward to those 2 weeks. Weird. Didn't think I'd feel this way a few weeks back. But maybe it's because I know that I'll get back here after 14 days. I'd be more than depressed if I had to get back for good. Don't know why I like Finland and especially Helsinki so much, I just do =(

OH! And what do my tired (red and puffy) eyes see outside? BLUE SKY! Far away and pretty small but STILL ...Se ei voi olla totta :D

Ok now, have some things to do before I've to pick up the girl from Kindergarten again. Only 3 more days and it's weekend :D *count*
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Yesterday I met with Leo again...for the 23th time in a row LOL I never saw another person THAT often but it's fun :] I'm happy I met her ^^ Went to the Praha again (oh surprise...BOUH!) where the min. age is actually 22 but since we go there almost every day the doorkeeper knows us already (must've nightmares the poor guy LOL) 0=) And yesterday "it spoke to [leo]" höhöhöhö that was hilarious. Ok, I think if you just read it here it's completely boring but anyway xD
Yes...what else...up to now I had 3 mice in my room all of which are dead by know. I found the 3rd one this morning...and had to laugh xD neeeeneeerrr nananana höhöhöhö ätschibätschi trallalla xD It's its own fault, it didn't have to come in there and deprive me of my sleep.
Just one day left and it's weekend again. I'll probably move out until sunday. It's so much nicer to get up in the "morning" whenever you want without having to hear stupid comments like "oh, up so early?" or "she's still alive" etc
I need some time for myself in the mornings anyway.
Furthermore Clüdy'll come to Helsinki again this weekend but who could blame her? I'm sorry that she's to live with such assholes. She really doesn't deserve a treatment like that. She's one of the most wonderful persons I've met and I just can't stand the thought that this bitchy family doesn't see that.
If you read this my Puh, I'll be there for you whenever you need me <3 Never forget that!
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(no subject)

It's getting cold outside and I still need a warm jacket and a cap or something otherwise I'll freeze to death in the next few weeks. Well at least I already have some boots ^^

Last week was pretty stressful since the kids had holidays but the parents didn't and I (therefore) didn't either. Had to watch and entertain them more or less all day. And now the mother and the son're in Germany, visiting relatives. I'm left here with the father and the small day starts at 6:40a.m. till...well, the end is actually open. How shitty is that? I'm not a morning person and having to watch this little brat for about 2-3 hours before I can bring her to Kindergarten isn't helping the situation either. I would kick her off the balcony if we had one.
Another annoying point is that I have MICE in my room. Or better in the space between the wooden and the stone wall. Living in a cellar rocks. They kept me awake all night (sunday-monday). Now the father put some catches in there and although I think mice are kinda cute, I'll be happy to see them dangling from the ceiling. ...I'm so incredible nice today, ain't I? xD

Yes...anything else? Oh, I met Leo EVERYDAY of the last two weeks. How crazy is that? xD But it's good to be able to "escape" from here...

And I miss my Puh =( Hope everything'll work out fine for you <3
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(no subject)

My last days...leo leo leo leo leo/steffi leo/steffi/anja/laura leo/steffi leo leo leo/clüÖHÖHÖHÖ

And maybe I'll go to Ruka next month...with leo. November...Lapland, I must be crazy LOL But I'm sure it's gonna be fun ^o^

Yes, I'm feeling fine right now...
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